Cyber Security Training and education of all levels and classes of staff, from C level through to IT and general staff can be the most critical and often under valued part of your businesses IT policy.

Staff can be an easily exploited vulnerability in your organisation which has been demonstrated time and again. Social Engineering is widely regarded as one of the most widely used exploits in a hackers tool kit. It is quick to deploy, and extremely effective.

WHITEHACK believes that without awareness training being deployed to all levels of staff in an organisation a significant gap exists in the info sec policy that will likely be exploited for dramatic effect, or it will create a very large headache. Our awareness training involves practical examples and case studies from our own experiences and draws on other common tactics. It is fun, engaging and incredibly valuable.

Without Cyber Security Training your staff can be your largest security threat.

We also offer education to IT managers on various aspects of policy development, systems implementation, secure coding, and so on. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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