Integrity is at the heart of our operation, we get a lot of great feedback from our clients, it is what keeps us going.

It shows through in everything we do, from offering free limited retesting on discovered issues after you’ve applied the recommended fixes through to our testing and reporting methodology. We are always trying to innovate or develop new techniques, software or applications to keep out hackers and advanced malware,  but we always keep a solid grounding in reality and what actually works in the real world, it’s a core part of our no BS & no buzzwords mantra.

The companies core focus is on providing high quality cyber security services inside a friendly corporate culture with a strong social ventures arm. We provide and have written training and education courses on cyber-security and fraud for those in our community most affected by such activities, such as the elderly. This training is taught alongside their regular computer-use courses.

Our ‘sales layer’ is made up by a technical director or an actual penetration tester. You can be assured that you will be having a conversation before, during and after your engagement with a tester or technical director assigned to your project, which means they speak your language.

There is no ‘team lottery’. Ever.

Team lottery is where a company brings in the ‘big guns’ for the sales / proposal phase, but swaps out staff during the engagement phase, often without the client ever knowing.  It’s really important to specifically ask who is being assigned to your project.

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